22+ DIY Skincare Recipes for Every Skin Type

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The beginner’s guide to skincare making using all-natural ingredients

Ditch expensive creams, serums, and lotions full of mystery ingredients and toxins, and turn to nature to find the best remedies for all your skincare needs with products you can make right at home. Lora's use of natural ingredients ensures that you know exactly what’s in your skin-care products and what you’re getting out of them―beautiful, nourished, healthy skin.

With information about the nourishing and healing properties of the ingredients used and instructions for infusing vinegar, oil and honey to further increase the efficacy of the recipes, this collection gives you all the information you need to make quality skin-care products at home.

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How to Make Your Own Skincare Products + 22 DIY Natural Skincare Recipes for dry, sensitive, oily & acne-prone skin + anti-aging

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